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Flash Studio is a professional photography rental studio located near SFO between San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Our spacious 3400 sq ft studio features a 35' cyc cove, beautiful natural light, and an extensive in-house rental department exclusively reserved for use in our studio.

  • Large, spacious, open studio
  • 35ft White cyclorama
  • Extensive collection of rental grip, camera, and lighting equipment
  • Comfortable client lounge
  • Luxurious amenities including fully automatic espresso machine
  • Convenient location near SFO
  • Beautiful natural light with south facing windows
  • Extensive collection of rental grip, camera, and lighting equipment
  • Luxurious client lounge
  • Jura professional automatic espresso machine
  • Large, spacious, open studio
  • Convenient location near SFO
  • Beautiful natural light with south facing windows

Why Rent Our Studio

Cyc Wall + Open Space

2700 SF + Cyc Wall

2700 sq ft

Our 3400 square foot studio can accommodate most productions with its 2700 sf of unobstructed usable space, a 35’ x 16’ cyclorama, and a minimum height clearance of 12'6" (with 14' of clearance in many areas).


We are conveniently located just off 101 on the peninsula between San Francisco and SFO — about 15 minutes from the city and 5 minutes from the airport. The studio is accessible by car, BART, and CalTrain.

Rental Equipment

We have an extensive catalog of lighting, grip, camera, DIT, and production equipment available for rent. Whether you’re local or from out of town, we have everything you need, from sand bags to Phase One kits.

Natural Light

We have large south facing windows for you to shoot with, or if you prefer to shoot with strobes, our powered blackout shades will kill that natural light with the push of a button. Have the best of both worlds.

Hair + Makeup Stations

Hair + Makeup

Hair + Makeup

Our hair and makeup stations give your stylists and talent an out of the way area to work. There are two stations and each has its own lighted mirror, power access, and salon style adjustable chair.



Forget San Francisco parking tickets or having your crew play musical cars. We have 4 guaranteed parking spaces, five 2hr guest parking spots, and plenty of street parking in the neighborhood with no time limits.


We know entertaining your clients is half the job, so we’ve set up our studio with all the amenities: heating and air conditioning, a professional espresso and cappuccino machine, speedy wi-fi, and a Sonos connected sound system.

Conference + Lounge

Client Lounge

Client Lounge

Located at the back of the shooting area, our client lounge and conference area keep your clients comfortable and close to the action. There’s room for 14, and the espresso machine is about 4 feet from the couch.


Each studio rental includes access to our kitchenette with a microwave, toaster, toaster oven, and full size refrigerator. We keep the fridge stocked with plenty of snacks and refreshments for you and your clients.

Studio B

If you don't need a 3400 sq ft studio with 2700 sq ft of unobstructed shooting space, a cyc wall, and all the amenities listed above, our Studio B might be perfect for you. It's slightly smaller at 2,000 square feet and doesn't have as many bells and whistles, but it has plenty of space for most shoots and it's easier on the budget!

2,000 sq ft Studio B
Studio B's Client Lounge Area

Studio Comparison + Rental Prices

Studio A
$ 1700
  • 3,400 sq ft studio
  • 60x40 Clear Span
  • Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe Station
  • 35'x15' Cyc Wall
  • 8-seat Conference Table
  • 6-seat Client Lounge
  • Private Bathroom & Kitchenette
Studio B
$ 800
  • 2,000 sq ft studio
  • 40x25 Clear Span
  • --
  • --
  • --
  • 3-seat Client Lounge
  • Shared Bathroom, No Kitchen
Studio A + Studio B
$ 2200
  • Combined 5,400 sq ft
  • Room for 8+ Laydown Sets
  • Hair, Makeup, & Wardrobe Station
  • Cyc Wall in Studio A
  • 1 Conference Table, 2 Lounges
  • Seats for 17 Clients + Crew
  • Private Bathroom & Kitchenette

Frequently asked questions

Below are some of the most common questions we get about our studio, equipment, booking process, etc. Click on a question to find out everything you need to know about renting our studio and equipment.

  • How do I reserve the studio?

    First, please check the calendar below to see if the studio is available on the date you would like to reserve. If the calendar does not say “BOOKED” on that date, please contact us to book the studio or place a hold. If there is already a first hold on that date, you may place a second hold or challenge the first hold.

    Placing a first hold on a date costs nothing and gives you the option to confirm your booking before the date is given away to anyone else. If your hold is challenged, you will have 24 hours to either confirm your rental or release your hold. Upon confirming your rental you will be required to sign our rental contract and pay a 50% deposit. Likewise, if you challenge an existing hold and the other party releases the date, you thereby confirm your rental and are required to sign our rental contract and pay a 50% deposit.

    All holds must be confirmed and accompanied by a signed contract and deposit at least 72 hours before any rental or they are automatically released.

  • What if I need to cancel my rental after I’ve booked?

    Cancellations after confirming a rental or challenging an existing hold are subject to a 100% cancellation fee (the original 50% deposit as well as the remaining balance of the rental fee). However, we may refund a deposit in the event that the studio is rented to another party on the same date(s).

  • Do I need to have insurance? What documents do you need?

    Definitely. We require a certificate of insurance for any studio rental. We will need to be named as “additionally insured" and, if you plan to rent equipment, “loss payee” as well. Please see the link below for a PDF that specifies all of our insurance requirements. It may be helpful to provide this document to your insurance company to expedite the insurance certificate process.

    Insurance Requirement PDF with Sample Certificates

  • When is the studio open, can I shoot early/late hours, weekends, etc?

    All 10-hour shoot days begin at 8AM and end at 6PM. Overtime up to a 12-hour day is billed at the rate of $250/hr. Additional overtime beyond a 12-hour day is billed at the rate of $350/hr. To avoid overtime rates, all personnel must vacate the premises with all equipment and the studio must be returned to its pre-rental state by 6PM.

    Early and late hours are allowed but must be approved in advance. Any studio use outside of the 8AM to 6PM window will be billed at appropriate overtime rates in addition to the studio rental fee.

    The studio is available for rent on weekends. All weekend rentals will incur an additional $300 fee per day.

  • Are there discounts for weekly or 1/2 day rentals, shooting personal work, etc?

    The studio is only available on a daily-rental basis. You can book multiple days in a row, however, we do not offer discounted weekly rates.

    We do not offer holds or advance bookings for 1/2 day rentals; however, we may allow a 1/2 day rental booking 1 day prior to a specified shoot date. A confirmed full day booking cannot be converted to a 1/2 day rental. Even though we will not hold the studio for 1/2 day rentals, all insurance paperwork must still be received 72 hours in advance. A half day rental includes access to the studio for 5 hours and will be billed at the rate of $1000/day. A 1/2 day rental must start and end between the hours of 8AM and 6PM.

    At this time, we do not offer student, non-profit, or personal project discounts.

  • Can I paint the cyc wall, or can you paint it for me?

    We always try to keep the cyc clean and we regularly re-coat it white. If you require a fresh white coat to be applied immediately before your shoot, we require 48-hour notice and an additional $200 painting fee.

    We do not allow the cyc to be painted any color other than white. Only the staff at Flash are allowed to paint the cyc.

  • Are there restrictions on what I can shoot and do there?

    While we would like to give you full freedom to execute your creative vision in our studio, for your own safety, the safety of your crew, our staff, our equipment, and the studio itself, there are some restrictions to our studio rental.

    Any activities that will generate unusual amounts of mess, require containment measures, or require higher than normal amounts of clean up must be approved in advance. Examples of these activities would be anything involving liquids, mud, dirt, confetti, glitter, powder bombs, smoke bombs, sand, fake snow, broken glass, fire, etc. We will stop your shoot and terminate your rental if you attempt any of these activities without prior permission and/or appropriate containment methods.

    No painting or modification of any surface in the studio is allowed without prior written permission. No objects may be attached to any studio surface by screw, nail, glue, or other adhesive without prior permission (with the exception of gaffe, masking, paper, or painter’s tapes on the concrete floor).

    The cyc is delicate and very time consuming and expensive to repair. Nothing may be attached to any portion of the cyc wall or cyc floor other than blue painter’s tape. All equipment and personnel must be kept clear of the curve of the cyc (36” from any wall of the cyc). While the surface of the cyc floor is durable, it can still be damaged. No objects that concentrate significant weight over a small surface area (ie stiletto-style high heels, cleats, or pointy objects) are allowed on the cyc without a protective barrier. We will provide a matte white surface approximately 12'x8' for such uses free of charge. At no time is liquid of any kind allowed on or near the cyc. No high impact activities that could damage the cyc floor are allowed (i.e., dropping or throwing hard objects on the floor, breaking objects on the floor, splitting wood with an axe against the floor, you get the idea).

    Our rental equipment must be paired with appropriate support equipment. For example, we will not rent a Broncolor Para 222 to be boomed on a C-stand. A more appropriate pairing would be one of our wind-up stands with a mega boom. If you are not booking one of our packages that include grip equipment, please plan and budget your rental lists accordingly.

  • What’s load-in like? Do you have a floor plan of the studio?

    We are located on the 2nd floor, but there are two elevators (including one freight elevator) that make loading in lots of equipment pretty easy. Parking is located inside our gated parking lot near one elevator. You can easily unload equipment near the freight elevator and there is even a full commercial loading dock if you need it.

    Floorplan of Studio
  • Can you recommend a nearby caterer or other production resources?

    Yes, please see our Production Resources page for all of our local recommendations.

Rental Equipment

We have an extensive collection of lighting, grip, and camera equipment available for rent. Whether you want a single 6x6 silk to use with our natural window light, or four Profoto Pro-10 packs, 8 pro heads, a Broncolor Para 222, eighteen C-Stands, two Mega Booms, a Profoto Telezoom, and a Phase One IQ3 100MP medium format system, we've got you covered.

Select a tab above to view our collections of Lighting, Grip, Camera, or Production equipment available for rent.

Rental Equipment Catalog
Packs & Heads

Profoto Pro-10 Pack$150/day

Profoto D4R 2400 w/s Pack$55/day

Profoto D4 Air 2400 w/s Pack$65/day

Profoto Acute 2R 1200 Pack$35/day

Profoto AcuteB2 600 AirS Pack$50/day

Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Power Pack$40/day

Profoto Pro Plus Head$25/day

Profoto Pro Head Extension Cable$10/day

Profoto Acute 2/D4 Head$25/day

Profoto Acute Head Extension Cable$10/day

Profoto Acute B2 600 Head$20/day

Profoto B2 250 Air TTL Head$15/day

Profoto Striplight Small$100/day

Profoto Striplight Medium$125/day

Profoto Striplight Large$200/day

Profoto Zoomspot$125/day

Profoto Multi Spot w/ Dedolight$75/day

Transmitters & Adapters

Profoto Pocket Wizard Plus III$12/day

Profoto Air Transmitter$20/day

Profoto Air TTL-C (Canon) Transmitter$20/day

Profoto Air TTL-N (Nikon) Transmitter$20/day

Reflectors & Specialty Modifiers

Profoto Zoom Reflector 2$10/day

Profoto Grid 5°/10°/20°/30°/40°/50°/60°$5ea/day

Profoto Filter Holder$5/day

Profoto Snoot$5/day

Profoto Disc Reflector$5/day

Protofo Magnum Reflector$12/day

Protofo Magnum Reflector Grid$10/day

Profoto Wide Zoom Reflector$15/day

Profoto Wide Zoom Reflector Grid$10/day

Profoto Telezoom Reflector$25/day

Profoto Narrow Beam Reflector$10/day

Profoto Softlight Reflector White$15/day

Profoto Softlight Reflector Silver$15/day

Grid for Profoto Softlight Reflector$10/day

Diffuser for Profoto Softlight Reflector$5/day

Profoto Ringflash Widesoft Reflector$20/day

Profoto Ringflash Closeup Reflector$20/day

Profoto Ringflash Softlight Reflector$20/day

Profoto Ringflash Diffuser$10/day

Profoto Fresnel Small$55/day

Profoto Pro Fresnel Spotlight$65/day

Profoto Pro Globe$15/day

Profoto Pro Box$25/day

Profoto Hardbox$30/day

Profoto RFi Softboxes

Profoto RFi Speed Ring$3/day

Profoto RFi 3’ Octa$5/day

Profoto RFi 3' Octa Soft Grid$25/day

Profoto RFi 5’ Octa$35/day

Profoto RFi 1.0 x 1.3$10/day

Profoto RFi 1.0 x 1.3 Soft Grid$15/day

Profoto RFi 1.3 x 2$5/day

Profoto RFi 1.3 x 2 Soft Grid$15/day

Profoto RFi 2x3$10/day

Profoto RFi 2x3 SoftGrid$15/day

Profoto RFi 3x4$15/day

Profoto RFi 3x4 Soft Grid$25/day

Profoto RFi 4x6$5/day

Profoto RFi 1x3$20/day

Profoto RFi 1x3 Strip Mask$10/day

Profoto RFi 1x3 Soft Grid$15/day

Profoto RFi 1x4$15/day

Profoto RFi 1x4 Strip Mask$15/day

Profoto RFi 1x4 Soft Grid$25/day

Profoto RFi 1x6$20/day

Profoto RFi 1x6 Strip Mask$20/day

Profoto RFi 1x6 Soft Grid$30/day

Umbrellas & Parabolic Reflectors

Broncolor Para 88$150/day

Broncolor Para 133$175/day

Broncolor Para 222$300/day

Broncolor/Profoto Para Adapter$20/day

Giant 210 Silver$125/day

Giant 210 White$125/day

Shallow Umbrella Small Silver$8/day

Shallow Umbrella Small White$8/day

Shallow Umbrella Small Transluscent$8/day

Shallow Umbrella Medium Silver$8/day

Shallow Umbrella Medium White$8/day

Shallow Umbrella Medium Transluscent$8/day

Deep Umbrella Small Silver$15/day

Deep Umbrella Small White$15/day

Deep Umbrella Small Transluscent$15/day

Deep Umbrella Small Diffuser$8/day

Deep Umbrella Medium Silver$20/day

Deep Umbrella Medium White$20/day

Deep Umbrella Medium Transluscent$20/day

Deep Umbrella Medium Diffuser$10/day

Deep Umbrella Large Silver$20/day

Deep Umbrella Large White$20/day

Deep Umbrella Large Transluscent$20/day

Deep Umbrella Large Diffuser$10/day

Deep Umbrella Extra Large Silver$25/day

Deep Umbrella Extra Large White$25/day

Deep Umbrella Extra Large Transluscent$25/day

Deep Umbrella Extra Large Diffuser$15/day

Photek Softlighter 36”$5/day

Photek Softlighter 60”$15/day

Our rental equipment must be paired with appropriate support equipment. For example, we will not rent a Broncolor Para 222 to be boomed on a C-stand. A more appropriate pairing would be one of our wind-up stands with a mega boom. If you are not booking one of our packages that include grip equipment, please plan and budget your rental lists accordingly.

Stands & Booms

C-Stand w/ Grip Head & 40" Arm$5/day

Short C-Stand w/ Grip Head & 20" Arm$5/day

Avenger A635B 12.6' Light Stand$3/day

Backlight Stand$3/day

Matthews Junior Roller Stand$10/day

Matthews Med Overhead Roller Stand$15/day

Matthews Hi Hi Roller Stand$20/day

Avenger Strato Safe Wheeled Stand$150/day

Avenger D600 Mini Boom$10/day

Avenger D650 Junior Boom$25/day

Manfrotto Mega Boom$50/day

Frames, Silks, Solids, Flags, Cutters, Floppies

6x6 Frame$15/day

8x8 Frame$15/day

12x12 Frame$18/day

6x6 Silk$15/day

6x6 Black/White Bounce$15/day

6x6 Black Solid$15/day

12x12 Silk$20/day

12x12 Black/White Bounce$20/day

12x12 Black Solid$20/day

California Sunbounce 4 x 6$35/day

Flag 12x18$3/day

Flag 18x24$4/day

Flag 24x36$4/day

Flag 30x36$4/day

Flag/Cutter 48x48$8/day

Flag/Cutter 10x42$2/day

Flag/Cutter 18x48$3/day

Flag/Cutter 24x72$4/day

Flag Mini Meat Axe 24x48$6/day

Floppy 48x48$10/day

Knife Blade/Gel Frame 18x24$10/day

Knife Blade/Gel Frame 24x36$12/day

Knife Blade/Gel Frame 30x36$14/day

Knife Blade/Gel Frame 48x48$18/day

V-Flat (Black/White)$8/day

V-Flat (Black/Black)$8/day

V-Flat (White/White)$8/day

Apple Boxes, Sandbags, Etc.

Sandbag 5lb$2/day

Sandbag 15lb$2/day

Sandbag 25lb$2/day

Sandbag 35lb$2/day

Apple Box Full$4/day

Apple Box Half$4/day

Apple Box Quarter$4/day

Apple Box Eighth$4/day

Apple Box Mini Full$4/day

Apple Box Mini Half$4/day

Clamps, Pins, Adapters, Etc.

A Clamp 1”$1/day

A Clamp 2”$1/day

Super Clamp$5/day

Avenger Gaffer Grip Clamp$3/day

Matthews Quacker Clamp$8/day

Avenger D200 2.5" Grip Head$2/day

Junior to Baby Stand Adapter$3/day

Sparrow Plate$2/day

Baby Wall Plate 3”$2/day

Baby Wall Plate 6”$2/day

Magic Arm$5/day

Flex Arm$2/day


6” Pin w/ Collar$1/day

Double 5/8 Pin$1/day

Snap-in Pin for Super Clamp$1/day

5/8” Receiver with 1/4-20 Thread$1/day

5/8” Receiver with 3/8-16 Thread$1/day

5/8” Adapter Spigot (M/F, M/M, F/F)$1/day

Matthews Micro Grip Set$2/day

Matthews 1/4" Roach Clip$1/day

Matthews Mini Matthelini Clamp$2/day

Matthews Mathelini 3” End Jaw Clamp$3/day

Matthews Mathelini 6” End Jaw Clamp$3/day

Crossbar 12’ or 15’$10/day

Medium Format Camera Package

Phase One XF + IQ3 100MP Kit$650/day

35mm f/3.5 LS Blue Ring$75/day

45mm f/3.5 LS Blue Ring$75/day

55mm f/2.8 LS Blue Ring$75/day

80mm f/2.8 LS Blue Ring$75/day

110mm f/2.8 LS Blue Ring$75/day

120mm f/4.0 LS Blue Ring$100/day

120mm 4/5.6 MF Tilt Shift$125/day

150mm f/3.5 LS Blue Ring$100/day

240mm f/4.5 LS Blue Ring$100/day

Phase One IQ3 Wall Power Adapter$10/day

35mm Camera Package

Canon 5DS R$140/day

Canon 5D Mark IV$150/day

Canon 16-35 f/2.8L III$45/day

Canon 24-70 f/2.8L II$40/day

Canon 70-200 f/4L IS$25/day

Canon 24mm f/1.4L II$40/day

Canon 35mm f/1.4L II$45/day

Canon 50mm f/1.2L$40/day

100mm f/2.8L Macro w/ Ring$30/day

Canon 24mm f/2.8 IS USM$40/day

Canon 35mm f/2 IS USM$40/day

Spare Canon LP-E6 Battery$10/day

Camera Support

9' Foba Camera Stand$100/day

10' Foba Camera Stand$125/day

11' Foba Camera Stand$150/day

Manfrotto 410 Junior Geared Head$20/day

Manfrotto 405 Pro Geared Head$25/day

Arca Swiss Cube$45/day

Arca Swiss Cube w/ Geared Panning$65/day

RRS TVC-34L Tripod$35/day

RRS TVC-24 Tripod$25/day

RRS TFC-14 Tripod$20/day

RRS BH-55 Ballhead$15/day

RRS BH-40 Ballhead$12/day

RRS BH-30 Ballhead$10/day

Memory Cards and Accessories

128GB PRO CF CARD$25/day

128GB PRO SD CARD$12/day

Memory Card Reader$10/day

Peak Design Camera Strap$5/day

Luma Labs Cinch Camera Strap$5/day

Computers, Monitors, Etc.

2016 MacBook Pro 2.9GHZ$199/day

2013 Mac Pro 3.3GHz 8-Core$249/day

Eizo Color Edge CG 2730 Monitor$225/day

BOA Monitor Mount$25/day

Equipment Carts

Inovativ Echo 36 DIT Cart$150/day

Inovativ Apollo 40 DIT Cart$175/day

Rock N Roller Equipmet Cart$20/day

Inovativ Baby Pin System$25/day

Tether Equipment

DigiPlate Pro + Clamps$25/day

DigiPlate Lite + Clamps$18/day

DigiShade Lite$10/day

DigiShade Pro$12/day

Tether Tools USB 3.0 B Cable$12/day

Tether Tools USB 3.0 Mini-B Cable$12/day

Tether Tools USB 3.0 Mini-B 90° Cable$12/day

Tether Tools USB 3.0 Extension$12/day

Tether Tools USB 2.0 Mini-B Cable$12/day

Tether Tools USB 2.0 Extension$12/day

FireWire 800 Cable$12/day

Memory Card Reader$10/day

Light Meters

Sekonic L-858D-U Light Meter$35/day


25' Stinger$5/day

50' Stinger$7/day

100' Stinger$9/day

Power Strip$2/day

Cube Tap$3/day

Tables, Chairs, Ladders, Etc.

Reel FX Fan$25/day

6’ Table$10/day

Folding Chairs$2/day

Furniture Dolly$5/day

Ladder 6’$5/day

Ladder 10’$10/day

Sawhorses (Pair)$5/day

Wardrobe Rack$10/day

Jiffy Steamer$15/day

3’x4’ Table Top Surface$6/day

4’x6’ Table Top Surface$8/day

4’x8’ Table Top Surface$10/day

Expendables (For Purchase)

2” Gaffer’s Tape$22

2” Blue Painter’s Tape$10

Seamless Paper 53" x 36'$40

Seamless Paper 107" x 36'$65

Seamless Paper 140" x 50’$140

* Call/Email to confirm Seamless Availability

Studio Availability

These availability calendars are linked to our official booking calendar and show the most up to date availability of each studio. These calendars are updated in real time and show 1st holds, 2nd holds, confirmed bookings, and blackout dates. No need to contact us regarding availability of any particular date until you are ready to place a hold, challenge an existing hold, or book the studio.

Select the "Studio A" or "Studio B" tab above to view the availability calendar associated with each studio.

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